Thursday, August 13, 2009


To create a high-converting landing page is in regards to how much copy we would use?

Ok, at first we consider what is or are our prospects and how much we need to say about our product and services. According to my thought we can use AIDA formula.
First we should capture the attention of the visitors and make the interest for our product and services then grow desire, and call for action.

At first we may have some questions:

  • Why do I need your product?
  • Why should I wait for it?
  • Why should I pay more for your product?
  • Is it still effective (suppose, I don't trust natural products)?
If you're selling a complicated product people may not even know they have need for.
The visitors or the customer wonders whether, "Is it worth the investment," "Do I (customer) really need it to get results?" and so on.

So, Simply put, don't be afraid of using long copy. Aim to say what needs to be said to move to the next step, just it. If you have some doubt then simply use website optimizer.

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