Wednesday, August 26, 2009


In my previous blog-post I told about "shadow domain" and also said "This type of sites called 'cloaked' site" . Some aggressive marketers generate thousands of cloaked pages ("phantom pages") highly tuned for the search engines.

Cloak pages display Web page content differently to search engine spiders than to humans in order to achieve higher rankings in search engine results.
It's a page with more keywords on a subject(according to the web page or the content of the page) tend to rank higher than those with fewer keywords, but excessive repetition of a word makes the Web page look unskilled.

JavaScript and AJAX code are widely used to hide extra text when they detect a user, beside it allow the repetitive text to appear for a search engine spider. In recent days the advance cloaking is known as "IP Delivery" this redirect the visitors to the appropriate Web page based on IP address, this IP is the domain name which we are using to find a website.

According to the search engine guidelines any type of cloaking is bad, are there cases where cloaking might be legitimate. Cloaking is often considered a Black Hat technique, because it tries to trick search engines into giving the site a higher ranking than it normally should. Actually this subject is very controversial and SEO experts continue to debate about when cloaking might be acceptable and when it is not. It's depends on those who already used this and had the results whatever it's bad or good.
At last I say that any type of technique which is called or related to the Black Hat technique shouldn't use for SEO, may it gives us better result but always we have to try so called White Hat technique.

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