Monday, June 22, 2009

SEO Tips

Boost your Alexa rankings instantly

Alexa rank is one of the important criteria used to judge your website by advertisers and other webmasters.

Alexa’s ranking algorithm ranks websites using the data it receives from the Alexa toolbar. Unfortunately not all people who may visit your website have Alexa toolbar installed, because of which those visitors won’t be noticed by Alexa. However there is another easier way to make sure that all your website visitors get noticed by Alexa. That can be done by simply placing the
Alexa widget on your website. This will ensure that every unique visitor and page views get counted by Alexa. This method will show instant results and you will notice the benefits from the first week itself.

Now just get the ALEXA WIDGET code and make it easy.


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  2. Defenitely this is the easiest and one of the most important way towards improving your website ranking, in addition you can set your webpage as your homepage and ask your friends to do the same and install Alexa toolbars on as many systems you can.
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