Thursday, August 20, 2009


Many of us heard about this type of domain. Shadow domain is a web site set up for search engine spiders rather than humans. Shadow domains are indexed by the search engines just like all other sites on the Web, except the shadow domain is not for human visitors and the content of the shadow domain would look like gibberish. This pages are loaded with extra keywords that make the page look like top-notch content to the spider and help rank the page higher in the search results. This type of sites called "cloaked" site, the pages are known as "phantom pages."

In highly competitive areas the technique is used. It drives traffic to the targeted domain, and invisible to the end users but rarely caught. Shadow domain redirect human visitors to the **main domain for which the shadow domain had created.

The key here is not javascript as I know. The domain owner set up the shadow on their own server and use the script to redirect, this is invisible to the human.

Actually the key to a good shadow domain is the ability to redirect a human to the real Web page upon arriving on the phantom page, beside it the more interesting thing is, it lets the search engine spiders to scan the page. Is not it so interesting?


  1. Many of us heard about this type of domain.

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